No thanks, we're good. My ISP set us up.


Did they, though?

Here’s what we’ve seen:

  1. You open your space and you quickly realize how much of your business relies on having an internet connection. POS systems, media, Guest access, etc.

  2. You call up your local Internet Service Provider (ISP), and they schedule an installation appointment.

  3. ISP tech comes out, after an hour or two says you’re all set. You ask if it’s fast and secure, they say yes, and that’s the end of it.

So here’s what probably happened:

Tech came out, completes the work order. They setup two wireless “networks”. One for you, one for your customers. Let’s take a closer look at that.


Network traffic and actual traffic are the same in a lot of ways. Everything from traffic jams, traffic management, barriers and construction. In this example, imagine your business is a neighborhood. Every house has an address, and so too do your devices like POS systems, receipt printers, card readers and cash drawers.

In the picture above, your neighborhood has two entrances. These are your “networks”. Your ISP tech put a gate on the first entrance. Secure, right? If we’re trying to get in that door, yeah maybe. You might have noticed there’s two entrances though, and that’s where your guests connect to. Worse yet, they made copies of the keys to the gate and scattered them all over the yard.


So essentially, they’ve locked one door and left the other wide open. In the case of the keys, that’s in reference to default credentials. In almost every case, we see that the gateway (modem/router device that brings internet to your business) always has default credentials set.

Now with all this information, let’s bring it together in a scenario:

Bad guy walks in, sees you’ve got wireless. Drives by the first gate, see’s it’s locked, keeps driving. Comes upon the second gate. Wide open. Drives in, sees everything going on in your neighborhood and decides he wants to have some fun.

At this point he’s either breaking in to your houses, or maybe he keeps cruising until he gets to the locked gate. It just so happens your gate has the same lock and key as everyone else out there, so he opens it, or worse, changes the locks and ensures no one can visit your neighborhood and that you can’t drive your day’s earnings out of there either.

So from this we can discern that in all likelihood, your ISP didn’t do anything outside of the work order, which was to bring internet connectivity to your business. As such, you may very well be in the situation we just covered, and here’s the thing; you didn’t do anything wrong here. It’s not an unreasonable thing to expect that a service is delivered end to end from your provider, it’s just that your idea of what that service is and what your ISP’s idea of it is are wildly different.

Luckily, we can help. With our solutions we’ll implement a safe, secure and robust network that completely isolates your houses from anyone who drives through looking for trouble, all while still allowing your customers to come hang out and play in the yard.

Ask us how.

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