Fast & Reliable WiFi. Secure Point of Sale.
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For customers:

When a business chooses us to invest in your security and privacy, it’s a win-win. Many businesses simply don’t know that their Point of Sale systems are exposed, often times on the same network as their wireless. This means when they run your card to close your tab, those transmissions can be intercepted, or the system itself can be compromised including card data, personal information, transaction history and more. Ask your favorite establishment what they’re doing to ensure your data is protected.

Ever been somewhere you really loved but couldn’t make a call or check-in with social media? Bars, restaurants, hotels and similar are notorious for bad cell signal, so you turn to WiFi. But what if they don’t have a Guest network for you to use? Time to go somewhere else.

When an establishment chooses Bytes on Tap to provide their network, you can rest easy that not only is your data safe, but your experience will be smooth, fast and reliable.

For business owners:

Ensure bad apples can’t mess with your stuff. Your Point of Sale system is a prime target for those looking for customer and card data, and if they get it from your establishment, you’re the liable party. We can make sure that doesn’t happen.

In addition, you can have the best product and atmosphere in the world, but if your patrons can’t get a quality wireless connection, they’re not sticking around. Make sure you’re not losing out to the competition by providing poor signal and slow speeds. Attract target demographics and increase customer retention with a reputation for fast, reliable internet and a network that protects your customers and their data from threats.




[BYTES ON TAP] has been there for all of our IT needs from day one, and have always been efficient and detailed on any type of services calls that we’ve made to them.

We highly recommend them to any small business!!
— Carl-Jay Castaneda - Percent Tap House
Our internet went from Good to GREAT!
[BYTES ON TAP] did an excellent job overhauling our internet. They are easy to work with, professional and very knowledgeable about this space. I highly Recommend them for your next internet or POS project
— Dave Damone - Rocky River Coffee Co.
[BYTES ON TAP] are incredibly knowledgeable yet remain highly approachable to this somewhat tech-challenged individual. They actually listen and will meet your needs without selling you something you don’t.
— Bridgette Todd - Gigs for Good CLT



Our solutions are designed with you and your customers in mind. We deliver a secure and reliable solution to your clients while protecting your own data without breaking the bank. Our services will always come to you from the intersection of quality and value, and you’ll never be oversold.

About Us

Our team got our start in Enterprise IT for the big guys. Fortune 500s and the like. Frankly, we don’t much care for that lifestyle anymore. Instead we get to travel all over delivering those same enterprise grade solutions and knowledge at a small business price.